sacred ground

last night i felt like i was on sacred ground.  friends and family gathered to welcome home and witness the formation of a family.  not something you get to witness often in a lifetime.  waiting and hoping and praying for this little guy to come home to meet his siblings and see his new home has been a long time coming.  after 3 weeks in china and some unexpected delays with a visa, and a VERY VERY late night arrival, amy and danny got to bring home the newest member of their family.  following their journey and witnessing the homecoming last night was an amazing experience.

and gotta love technology….one of amy’s best friends got to facetime in from connecticut to see the arrival and reunion!

love you guys.

a keeper

yes, i’m on a photography furlough, and yes, i feel rusty and haven’t picked up my camera in a while, but i had to post this one.  some friends needed some family pictures before they return overseas from their visit home, and i saw this and all i could think was…

this is a keeper.

sneak peek: brent 1 year

well the little guy is 1!  happy birthday brent!  thank you so much claudia for letting me document his first year.  what an honor.

sneak peek: brent 9 mos

time always flies by faster with other people’s children.  brent has gone from a newborn to 6 months old, to 9 months old in a blink of an eye.  and this last session he showed up with hair!  he really is one of the happiest babies, and when i saw the very first picture in my camera, i knew it was going to be a good session.

finishing up this baby’s first year has really been fun.  even though i’m not taking new clients right now, it’s been a joy to watch this little guy grow and develop.  now for you photographers out there, finding a place in mid-february to do baby pictures is not an easy task, so we decided to go for more of a studio look and rented my friend kellie’s studio downtown, and it was the perfect fit.  we were warm inside while it was cold outside, and we could crawl around on the floor together.

brent, see you when you’re 1!

best santa in denver

if you ask me, the best santa in denver is at the streets of southglenn (arapahoe & university).  santa is in the lobby of the parking garage near the movie theater….across from the library.

shorter lines, no professional photographer, you can take your time.  it’s fabulous!  bring your own camera, get your own shots, and you don’t have to pay $50 for a picture.  (tip:  turn your flash off, crank up your iso, and shoot at about f2.8)

he is the nicest santa ever.  each of my kids got some one on one time with him, and i was able to take plenty of shots.

check him out!

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