colonial: interior

so you want to see the inside?  well, besides having me at “hello” from the outside, the pictures on redfin (the only real estate website we used during our search) showed a room with a fireplace and a beamed ceiling.  so it had me hooked at “beamed ceiling”.

when i walked through the house for the first time, there were a few things that IMMEDIATELY struck me.


1.  orange.  don’t you love the orange wood EVERYWHERE?  floors.  trim.  windows.  crown.  cabinets.  who doesn’t love orange oak.  ummmmm, me.

2.  white walls.  it’s amazing to me that being a 25 year old house, NONE of the walls had been painted a color.  i actually love that.

3.  wallpaper.  in all the bathrooms.  but since it was put up 25 years ago, that means wallpaper is back in.  so believe it or not, i will be re-applying some wallpaper in some spaces.

4.  even though everything was circa 1989, it was immaculate, clean, and i could tell it was well taken care of.

OK, so here’s the tour!  when you walk in the front door, stairs are on the left.  coat closet in front of you. living room to right.  walk straight past hall bath and into kitchen nook.

this is the full bath in the main floor hallway. lovely mauve wallpaper.

laundry room shares a wall with the garage and has access to the backyard.

let’s go upstairs.

not all bedrooms are pictured because they are just bedrooms. at the top of the stairs, you can go left into a bedroom, which we’ll use as a playroom. sloped ceiling, knee wall. at the top of the stairs, turn right and you can access the hall “blue” bathroom, the hall closets, the smallest bedroom, the pull down stairs to the attic, and the master bedroom. the last bedroom is at the end of the hallway (the boys’ room).

the blue bathroom. the layout of the bathroom is totally usable. it’s a two-room bathroom. the first room has a sink and storage cabinet. then next room in has a tub, toilet and another sink. we are doing some re-arranging, but keeping the two-room concept the same. it’ll be a great layout as one kid can be showering while the other uses the sink.

and onto the unfinished spaces of the house. the attic, the basement, and above-the-garage. if i thought the beamed ceilings had me at hello, the unfinished attic and above-the-garage space sealed the deal. the possibilities! tall ceilings and just raw open space. the basement will become the man cave and bike shop for wade.  there are stairs from the basement that exit out the cellar doors in the backyard. perfect for bikes coming in and out. my main storage space will be in the attic, and the above-the-garage space will eventually be finished as a large hang out space for the kids!

the colonial

well hello.

it’s been a while!  now that 2015 has rolled around, i can’t tell you how many people have asked if i am opening the business again.

am i?

short answer is i don’t know.

i’ve had several people bug me to start blogging again.  i officially closed my doors november 2013 (you can read about it here) to take a year off for personal reasons.  like i said there, i felt that 2014 needed to be a year for me to “make room”.

did i?

well, kind of.  you know it is when you peel something out of your life and you are left with all this extra time and energy?  well, that lasted about a week.  it’s like no matter how big or small of a space you physically live in, you will always fill it up!  remaining full in a healthy way is always a balance and a struggle, and i don’t know ONE person who doesn’t struggle with it.  but i will say this:  i am grateful for my year off, and 2014 was filled with a lot of great things.

in 2014:

1. my sister moved to denver and is living with my parents.  she is only 5 minutes away, but i think busier than i am!  my parents moved during that time to a patio home and spent fall 2013/spring 2014 gut renovating it. i am so happy to have them under one roof and be so close.

2. wade somehow convinced me that i was able to participate in ride the rockies.  so we grabbed a couple of other crazy people and trained and trained and trained.  i think i logged in almost 1,000 miles of training between march and june that i had just sat on for the first time in january.  but i’m happy to say that we finished, and i completed ride the rockies 2014.  it was something like 36,000 ft of vertical climbing and 500+ miles over the course of 6 days.  and my craziness continues because we are signing up again this year.

3.  wade tore his acl in march playing pick up basketball and when he came home injured, my first (and fairly selfish) response was:  ”can you still do ride the rockies?”  well, yes he did.  he did ride the rockies in june with a torn acl and then had surgery in early july.  the rest of the summer was spent recovering.

4.  i took on a new role as “coach”.  in the fall, i coached my daughter and a gaggle of her friends as the pink panthers, a rec volleyball team.  we had a great time, and i loved teaching them the basic skills of volleyball and the rules of the game.  i admit, it was one of my favorite things in 2014.

5.  i turned 40.  oh, just seeing that typed makes me cringe.  but we celebrated big.  we took 4 of our closest friends and spent the day at devils thumb ranch.  we cross country skied, spent time in the spa, then topped off the evening all dressed up and eating fancy food.  it was fabulous.

6.  in 2014, my kids turned 9, 7, and 4.  will it ever stop?  wade and i celebrated 14 years of marriage, and our sweet, but slowly becoming crazy dog presta, turned 11.

so i guess the biggest news of 2014 for our little family is that we are moving.  and i am tired.  seriously!  just when i think life does have some room, we go and buy a house that needs a TOTAL overhaul.

now let me give a little background.  wade spent most of his youth in littleton, a great suburb of denver.  i spent my youth moving all around with the air force.  wade and i started our life together in denver, in our sweet little brick bungalow which we gutted and renovated and made our own over 6-7 years.  we brought two of our babies home to that house.  it was 1200 square feet of fabulousness.  then in 2008 we moved to nyc for work and spent a year having great adventures there. when we moved back to colorado, ava was going into kindergarten, so we made the jump to the suburbs, into what i thought was our forever home.  we looked at several houses in littleton, but the right one wasn’t available.

we’ve been in this house for 5 years.  wade has wanted to move to littleton for 4 years.  he’s been convincing me for 3 years.  we started kind of looking 2 years ago.  we really started looking a year ago.  we tried to buy (in my opinion, amazing) an old farm house on 1/2 acre in the middle of littleton, but it fell through.  then last september, after a whole year of really looking, we found it.

the colonial.

after looking at maybe 30-50 houses over the course of a year and really pursuing a couple of them, the colonial came on the market.  when i saw the picture, i knew exactly what house it was.  after driving through neighborhoods for a year, you kind pick out which houses in your mind you would live in.

it came on the market on a saturday.  we saw it on sunday.  we put in an offer sunday night.  there were multiple offers. ours was the lowest.  i trusted wade on that one because he didn’t want to play the “game”.  he was right.  i wrote a letter to the seller and unknown to wade, i also included a family picture.  the house was built in 1989, and hadn’t been touched.  wade wanted littleton, i wanted a fixer upper.  we wanted a bigger lot and some more space for the kids outside.  this was the FIRST house we had seen together where we both looked at each other and said, “this is IT.”

they accepted our offer on monday.  it was a TOTAL God thing! and now we are renovating!  but trust me, it’s not like it seems on HGTV.  please may i have chip and joanna??

here she is.  the colonial.  i think she needs a name, don’t you?

stay tuned!



sneak peek: the m family

no, the business is not open.  just doing a favor for a good friend!  it was one of those last-minute, after-church, we-had-15-minutes kinda things.  we met at our new house (more later as we are neck deep in renovation) and did some quick shots.  love this family.

sacred ground

last night i felt like i was on sacred ground.  friends and family gathered to welcome home and witness the formation of a family.  not something you get to witness often in a lifetime.  waiting and hoping and praying for this little guy to come home to meet his siblings and see his new home has been a long time coming.  after 3 weeks in china and some unexpected delays with a visa, and a VERY VERY late night arrival, amy and danny got to bring home the newest member of their family.  following their journey and witnessing the homecoming last night was an amazing experience.

and gotta love technology….one of amy’s best friends got to facetime in from connecticut to see the arrival and reunion!

love you guys.

a keeper

yes, i’m on a photography furlough, and yes, i feel rusty and haven’t picked up my camera in a while, but i had to post this one.  some friends needed some family pictures before they return overseas from their visit home, and i saw this and all i could think was…

this is a keeper.

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